The Perfect Gift For Ramadan 2022

The most precious month of the year Ramazan is here, and we have started preparing ourselves for it in various ways like freezing food for easy Sehri and Iftar, making grocery gift bags for the underprivilege families and some gift boxes/dates for our family and friends to show them how much we care about them.
We are here for you to sort out the selection of gifts for your loved ones. Yes Hijab’s Starter Kit is the best pick for this Ramazan. We have beautiful, comfortable, and reasonable collection of Hijabs, Hijabs Box, Starter Kit, Hijab Magnets and Pins, Hijab Underscarves and Sleeves for you to choose. It’s the best way to treat women in your lives and give them presents that can change their life with Yes Hijab.
If she’s part of the Y/H family already, gift her that new hijab she’s been eyeing. If she’s new, her life is about to change for the better! Gift her accessories that will change her hijab game and everyday comfort level forever. Or help her start building her hijab basics with our perfect prints. A great place to start is with our Set of Five Hijabs and Hijab Starter Kit. Here are some of our collections and their details to be your guide in choosing the best ones.
Ramadan Hijab Box
Treat yourself with a bundle of Hijabs! Our set of five hijabs has all basic colours that can be used everyday. Many of the sets have versions in Chiffon, Georgette, Pleated Prints and Crimps while other sets bring different complementary hijab fabrics and colors together. It's a perfect add-on to your collection.
Hijab Gift Box - Candy Flora
New Hijabi Starter Kit
The hardest decisions are the most satisfying. Our starter kit is all you need to begin with in transition of wearing hijab. It has all essentials that helps to make you comfortable and confident every day. A set of two complementary hijabs with combination of matching underscarves, sleeves, face mask and hijab magnets and pins are all we need. Everything has been assembled with a proper understanding of latest trends in term of choosing the perfect colour and material.
Pleated Prints
Introducing our limited-edition Pleated Print Hijabs! The Boundless Bold Hijab features a classic bold stripe print with all-over pleats in earthy colours on cotton fabric that gives ultra-soft feel. It features benefits including sun protection, breathability, anti-bacterial properties, and superior moisture wicking for a fresh, comfortable feeling. Perfect for everyday wear and can be styled endlessly. Available in our Standard rectangle size, this popular print won't last long!
Boundless Bold Stripes - Coffee
Premium Georgettes, the fabric that started it all. Our signature georgette is light, breathable, and easy to care for, giving you a sleek polished look every time. It features a classic hue that’s a must for your everyday collection. Our limited edition Printed Georgette Hijab features an intricate floral print with pops of contrasting colours on our easy, breezy georgette fabric. Pair it with your favorite outfit basics for maximum style with minimal effort, this beauty is a definite must-have!
Premium Georgette Hijab - Seal Green
Indonesian Chiffon
Discover our most luxurious Indonesian Chiffon Hijab. Our premium chiffon hijabs are made from ultra-soft and silky chiffon fabric. Finest texture, lightweight and airy to give your modest outfits an elegant look. Pair it with our Cotton Underscarves and Magnet Pins for a stay-in place all day hijab style.
Indonesian Chiffon - Maroon
Featuring our bestseller daily wear Crimps Collection! Everyday Crimps are made with pure cotton viscose, which is lightweight, non-slippery and breathable all year round. Comes in a huge range of colours due to its cosmetic colour formation. Enhanced with rectangular size and shredded edges.
Everyday Crimps - Lime
Enjoy your ultimate hijab guide that gives all basic understanding and make your Ramazan meaningful. Happy Ramadan!
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