• The First Time I Wore Hijab

    The First Time I Wore Hijab

    What were the initial thoughts? I used to question myself, why should I cover my hair? What purpose does it serve? Why my 5 times daily prayers and other acts of worship aren’t enough? The ability to ask question is a gift and blessing from Allah swt. In our culture, subconscious or conscious we are not encouraged to ask question and especially when it...
  • Why do Muslim wear Hijab?

    Why do Muslim wear Hijab?

    Some people believe that Muslim women are being oppressed in their Islamic culture. On the Western side of the world, the hijab that many Muslim women wear has become a symbol of this perceived oppression. There have been numerous occasions and incidents around the world that shows a chaotic dislike for women who cover their head with hijab but for those who wear it,...
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